You Know You Need to do More for Employee Engagement, but Just Can't Find the Time?

That's why the big corporations hire a Full-Time ECHO (Employee Chief Happiness Officer).  They know it takes focus & consistent, concentrated effort. 

Employee happiness IS strategic.

When you hire us, we will step in and fill that void for you.  And because this is a shared position, it is super affordable.

At $249/mo, it will cost you less in a year, than replacing one good employee.

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Do You Find Yourself Being Hit or Miss with Your Employee Nurture Posts?

 We've all been there.  It's not uncommon to get all pumped up about building company culture, and be so good about posting and interacting for a few weeks.  You might even schedule a week or two of posts.

But then, life gets in the way and you start missing days and weeks at a time.

When you hand it over to us, that's OUR JOB.  We have a schedule.  We have a system.  We are here to CARRY OUT THE PROGRAM FOR YOU.


Here's What Is Included:

  1. The Enterprise Level Quality Driven  (QDS) plan.  (Don't worry.  We'll handle the setup.)  For more info about Quality Driven, go to

  2.  Access to the Culture First membership - for you and your management team.  

  3. Concierge QDS service - Optional bonus for you.  We will send your QDS surveys for you if you want the help.   
  4. The Employee Love Strategy program - We'll step in as your Chief Happiness Officer and take over the weekly nurture program.  How we accomplish this, is by you adding us in your staff communication channel (Slack, Discord, FB group) and then we will post employee brags and our pre-determined engagement posts on a weekly basis.
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Weekly Brags

First, we will create a Canva template for your company.  Your branding and your company colors.

We will use that template to post client comments from your surveys, and we'll brag on your employees.  This is the most powerful part of the program.

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Birthdays and Work Anniversaries.

Let us worry about remembering birthdays and work anniversaries!  You just chime in and let them know how much they are appreciated.

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Employee Engagement Posts

It's all about creating friendships and a community.  We'll pop in each week to get a conversation going. 

Sometimes it's holiday related, sometimes it is about community activities this weekend.  The point is to get strengthen those workplace friendships.


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  • The Enterprise Level Quality Driven plan.
  • Access to the Culture First membership - for you and your management team.
  • Concierge QDS service - Optional.  We will send your QDS surveys for you if you want the help.
  • The Employee Love Strategy program - We'll step in as your Chief Happiness Officer and take over the weekly nurture program.

Hi, I'm Martha

I opened a service business back in 2007 and I thought I’d be a pro at leading employees. Boy was I wrong. My business was a mess. We had horrible quality, the employees were ultimately in charge, and I hated my work life.

All it took was a “bully” employee who pushed me to the limits. That employee was a God-send because she made me see that I was the source of everything going wrong in my company.

From that point forward, I totally reversed my toxic culture into a positive culture built on quality, accountability, and respect. These days, even though we have many more staff members, the management staff spends very little time on employee issues. In fact, I rarely go to the office, work on the business about 3 hours a week, and just see my employees for the “fun events”…all the while we maintain a 98% client satisfaction rate and a 100% employee satisfaction rate.

Pay for Performance, metrics and accountability became so much a part of my company culture that it lead to me co-founding Quality Driven Software,, so I could have the data and reports at my fingertips. However, any of the principles that are mentioned can be implemented without Quality Driven Software.

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