$37.00 USD

For just $17, (instead of the normal $37 price) add the Office/Management Bonus Tracker.

This workshop is designed to lead you step by step to creating a spreadsheet that you can use to:

1.  Hold management staff accountable

2.  Make sure that you are all heading towards accomplishing the big, wildly important goal.

3.  And then tie the achievement of management meeting their goals to their bonus structure.

Stand alone price is $37, but only $17, when grouped with the Field Staff Bonus Tracker Workshop.

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Bonus Tracker Workshop

Does it feel like your employees are in charge, instead of the other way around?

With this workshop, I’ll help you:

  • Lay out a bonus structure, so that employees can choose to follow the incentive path, or not.
  • Understand that when you empower your employees, everyone reaps the rewards.
  • Decide what you want to incentivize.
  • Decide what the reward will be.
  • Design an accountability (bonus) tracker that benefits you, the employer, and the employee
  • Get this done and you will experience the relief in transferring the accountability from management to the employee.

Sign up for the workshop, and walk away with a document to empower your employees, so you can quit being the bad guy.

 Here’s what we’ll cover inside the workshop:

  • Why being too nice isn't actually fair.
  • Why you need to quit nagging your employees, and lay out the choices
  • Decide what behaviors you want more of.
  • Decide what behaviors you want less of.
  • Shift the responsibility of tracking to the employee.
  • Design a bonus tracker that they employee can fill out each payroll period.

Just a taste of what you'll get inside:

  • Employer/Employee wants and needs worksheet
  • Sample bonus trackers
  • Sample payroll reporting
  • Bonus tracker template