LevelUP: Build Teams That Give a SH#T!

Learn how to fix the policies you’re not consistently following, develop a clear disciplinary process, create incentives that actually motivate people, then lay out the path so that your employees know exactly what is expected from them and they have the tools to excel.


Learn how to build a great team and no longer feel like employee problems are out of control.


Learn how to consistently follow your policies and procedures.


Learn how to build an incentive program that rewards the behavior you want to encourage, and discourage the behavior you want to decrease.

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LevelUP: Build Teams That Give a SH#T!

Do You Wish Your Employees Cared as Much as You Do?

Do you feel like the worst part of your business is managing employees?  Do you feel like you are the only one who cares about your company?  Do you find yourself blaming "those damn millennials"?

If you are not happy with your current culture, I urge you to join me for an intense 10-week journey to turning around your employee culture.


Culture Turnaround Series

No longer feel out of control with employee issues.  Build a culture of self-directed, self-motivated employees.

Price: $297 (Bundle)


  • Identify The Issues module
  • Training Procedures module
  • Transparency module
  • Pay For Performance module
  • Celebrations module
  • Homework assignments for each module
  • Supporting documents

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Do you love your employees?

If the answer is no, then the good news is you can build a work environment and employee culture that you do love.

"When I first needed to set up a pay per performance plan for our office manager, I called Martha as I had no clue where to begin on the process. She was able to help us come up with a plan that worked perfectly with our business! I highly recommend Martha for both her paid per performance systems, and for her software, Quality Driven, to help implement a company excellence culture. Maria Dorian, TaskAway"

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