Why Good Employees Leave

How often do you hold yourself (or your management team) accountable?  

Maybe you haven't thought of it this way, but you really are accountable to your employees, just as they are accountable to you.

When you/management makes repeated scheduling errors, payroll errors, leave vital notes off the job description, that is just like saying "you don't matter" to your employees.

Think about it from a parent/child relationship.  I'll give you a personal example.  When my kids were growing up, I was terrible about picking them up on time.  It wasn't anything I did on purpose, but I did show up 5-10 minutes late more than I'd like to admit.

I really never knew how detrimental that was at the time.  (I mean, they survived, but it made a mark.)  It wasn't until years later when they were grown and I'd hear them talk about how I was always late, that I realized the subliminal message I was sending to my kids.  My choosing to get a little more work done,...

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