Is There Room for Advancement in the Home Service Industry?


Overview: On this Fight Club 4 Business episode, Kate Cinnamo, of Explore the Trades, and Martha Woodward, of Quality Driven Software, discuss the negative stigma associated with going into trade school and/or taking a job in the service industry.

Is career advancement even possible in the home service industry? There better be room for advancement, or you'll never attract and retain the best people.

If advancement is not possible at your company, you're severely limiting yourself on who you will attract to apply at your company.  When prospective applicants look at your job ad, they need to see at the very least:  "Will I fit in there?  "Can I see myself being happy there?" and they need to feel HOPE.  Hope for something more.

F.H. Furr, in Manassas, VA, for example, has over 400 positions and has their sights set to grow to 1500+ positions. The sky is the limit when you join their company. And if you don't fit for the position your chosen for, perhaps you're a better fit at another position. That's the beauty of growth and multiple job roles.

So if you're a smaller service business, how do you distinguish between the job levels in a service company?

There's more to job roles than just pay scales and titles.

So what should separate job roles in the home service industry? How can you differentiate the levels with different incentives other than a different pay grade?

A key component of a career ladder is recognition. Remember, these are human beings who are desperate to feel valued and important. Recognition can be in the form of different uniforms at different levels, their job title, and/or their job role in staff meetings, their inclusion in management meetings, etc.

You can also differentiate with their benefits package. (be sure to check your state's labor laws).  And benefits aren't exclusively about offering medical, dental, and/or vision insurance, maybe a 401K.  But more affordable, and unique options could be an annual family zoo pass, maybe an all paid weekend vacation (up to $X value).  Be creative and above all, make it something your employee demographic WANTS.

Career advancement = Pride. As employers in the home service industry, we owe it to the industry's future to broaden the scope and professionalism of the job.  And you, the home service business owner, have the real privilege to make a difference in your employees' lives and their feeling of self-worth.  That could, actually, be your purpose as a home service business owner.

Reach out to Martha Woodward at Quality Driven Software if you have questions.


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