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Pair Culture First Membership with Quality Driven Software

The Best of Both Worlds:  Quality Driven WITH Culture First

Culture First to Improve Employee Happiness Combined with Quality Driven to Improve Management Happiness

What is Culture First?

Culture First is a monthly membership program (month to month commitment) for service business owners and managers that are focused on improving company culture.

Each month we focus on a topic.  We have discussions around the topic, and most importantly, we build out the system (or improve the system) in your business.  Here are some example topics:  building a career ladder, building a solid disciplinary program, building a pay for performance program, etc.

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Here's What Is Included in the Culture First Membership:

  1. Admission to the private, paid Facebook group.
  2. Access to the Culture Turnaround Series. (a 6 module self-guided course on company culture)
  3. Monthly Lives with Martha Covering a Topic Around Culture.  These will not be webinars similar to the LevelUP course.  These will be Lives on how to IMPLEMENT some of the programs talked about in the course.  Think of these as "creating webinars", not "listening webinars".
  4. Monthly QDS Hot Seat - Martha will evaluate a businesses Quality Driven scores and make suggestions on ways to improve the results.  This is a recorded video analysis.
  5. Monthly Live Hot Seat - Every month, one business will go live with Martha and they will discuss their main cultural issue.  Martha and the Live attendees will help them brainstorm solutions on the fly.
  6. Voxer Access - You will have access to the Culture First Voxer group.  If you are stuck on an employee related problem, send Martha a Vox and get a verbal answer within 48 hrs or sooner.
  7. Employee Engagement Ideas  - You will get reminders to post "brags", seasonal engagement posts, contest and fun activities ideas for each month.  You pick what you want to use.

Super Charge Your Quality Driven Data

QDS gives you the data to make informed decisions about who gets a promotion, a raise, or a bonus.  It's such an easy tool to utilize to provide praise and recognition, as well. However, QDS can also tell you who isn't a good fit for your company.

Many managers and business owners struggle with these employee systems and programs.  That's where the Culture First program comes in to play.  

Think of the Culture First membership and Quality Driven combination like pie and ice cream.  You can eat ice cream as a stand alone dessert.  You can eat pie all by itself.  But the magic that happens when you combine the two is heavenly!  That's exactly what it is like when you use the data from Quality Driven to run the Culture First employee programs.  Together, you are creating a happy, healthy culture for your employees and management.

Culture First Membership

$95/mo (with QDSUSER Coupon)

QDS Users Save 50%

  • Admission to the private, paid Facebook group.
  • Access to the Culture Turnaround Series.
  • Monthly Lives with Martha 
  • Monthly QDS Hot Seat 
  • Monthly Live Hot Seat 
  • Voxer Access 
  • Employee Engagement Ideas:  Monthly Contests, Weekly Post Ideas, Fun Activities, and Monthly "Plug and Play" Staff Meeting Agenda

Hi, I'm Martha

I opened a service business back in 2007 and I thought I’d be a pro at leading employees. Boy was I wrong. My business was a mess. We had horrible quality, the employees were ultimately in charge, and I hated my work life.

All it took was a “bully” employee who pushed me to the limits. That employee was a God-send because she made me see that I was the source of everything going wrong in my company.

From that point forward, I totally reversed my toxic culture into a positive culture built on quality, accountability, and respect. These days, even though we have many more staff members, the management staff spends very little time on employee issues. In fact, I rarely go to the office, work on the business about 3 hours a week, and just see my employees for the “fun events”…all the while we maintain a 98% client satisfaction rate and a 100% employee satisfaction rate.

Pay for Performance, metrics and accountability became so much a part of my company culture that it lead to me co-founding Quality Driven Software,, so I could have the data and reports at my fingertips. However, any of the principles that are mentioned can be implemented without Quality Driven Software.

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