I used to hate walking into my own company. Once I learned how to create a transparent path, I no longer resented my business. Now we have a culture of mutual love and respect and everyone does what they are supposed to do.

About Martha

I opened a service business back in 2007 and I thought I’d be a pro at leading employees. Boy was I wrong. My business was a mess. We had horrible quality, the employees were ultimately in charge, and I hated my work life.

All it took was a “bully” employee who pushed me to the limits. That employee was a God-send because she made me see that I was the source of everything going wrong in my company.

From that point forward, I totally reversed my toxic culture into a positive culture built on quality, accountability, and respect. These days, even though we have many more staff members, the management staff spends very little time on employee issues. In fact, I rarely go to the office, work on the business about 3 hours a week, and just see my employees for the “fun events”…all the while we maintain a 98% client satisfaction rate and a 100% employee satisfaction rate.

Pay for Performance, metrics and accountability became so much a part of my company culture that it lead to me co-founding Quality Driven Software, qualitydrivensoftware.com, so I could have the data and reports at my fingertips. However, any of the principles that are mentioned can be implemented without Quality Driven Software.


Do you love your employees?

If the answer is no, then the good news is you can build a work environment and employee culture that you do love.


Looking for a Speaker?

If you are looking for a speaker knowledgeable about Pay for Performance, Employee Engagement Programs, or Company Culture, look no further.

Martha is a proud graduate of the Heroic Public Speaking Grad program.  This means that she is a professional, and will deliver exactly what you and your audience need.

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