Employee Empowered Pay for Performance Programs

In order to get the employees to be responsible for their own success, they need a roadmap.

The roadmap is called an employee "Bonus Tracker" .


Stop the victim mentality and start feeling in control again (without being a dictator)

You've tried micromanaging...and that didn't work

You’ve tried being super nice...and that didn't work

You’ve tried bending the rules...and that didn't work

You need transparency in your company, so your employees can choose their path using the employee-empowered Pay for Performance method.

What if you stopped putting a thumb on your employees — and instead, watched your employees succeed  (getting the results you want)? 

Here’s the deal with micromanaging employees...it is exhausting for management AND your employees won't put up with it for long.

Believe it or not, your employees are craving clear boundaries.  When the path zig-zags, the employee will test the boundaries.

Your employees, crave to know where they stand at work.  Am I doing well, or am I in trouble? 

Think about it.  That's why we get graded in school and keep score in sports.

The "A Players" want to succeed, but they need to know how.  Laying out a clear path to success shifts the stress off management.

..and that’s where Employee Empowered Pay for Performance comes in.

The Employee Empowered Pay for Performance Method

Lesson #1

Define what you want to improve.

Lesson #2

Determine what would motivate your employees.  It isn't always money.

Final Lesson

Use one of the provided examples to build your own Bonus Tracker.  This is what your employees will use to track their own Pay for Performance.

Ready to finally reduce the stress from managing employees? You need to make the path to success transparent and empower your employee to choose their path.

Employee Empowered Pay for Performance Program

Finally reduce the stress from running your business (at least where employees are concerned)

...and gain some freedom from your business because it no longer requires your micromanaging.

Here’s everything that’s included:

Define Your Issues

Define the Incentives

Define the Type of PFP Program

Define How Your Employees Will Track

Build Your Bonus Tracker (Examples Provided)

Today's price: just $37


Let's build your freedom path together.


I love this method because it shifts the responsibility off of management and empowers the employees.

Hi, I'm Martha

I opened a service business back in 2007 and I thought I’d be a pro at leading employees. Boy was I wrong. My business was a mess. We had horrible quality, the employees were ultimately in charge, and I hated my work life.

All it took was a “bully” employee who pushed me to the limits. That employee was a God-send because she made me see that I was the source of everything going wrong in my company.

From that point forward, I totally reversed my toxic culture into a positive culture built on quality, accountability, and respect. These days, even though we have many more staff members, the management staff spends very little time on employee issues. In fact, I rarely go to the office, work on the business about 3 hours a week, and just see my employees for the “fun events”…all the while we maintain a 98% client satisfaction rate and a 100% employee satisfaction rate.

Pay for Performance, metrics and accountability became so much a part of my company culture that it lead to me co-founding Quality Driven Software, qualitydrivensoftware.com, so I could have the data and reports at my fingertips. However, any of the principles that are mentioned can be implemented without Quality Driven Software.

Employee Empowered Pay for Performance 

Create two clear paths (disciplinary and incentive) 

...and then get peace of mind around your employee decisions.

Here’s everything that’s included:

What will you improve?

What do your employees want?

What type of Pay for Performance program will I run?

How will we (management and the employee) track?

Build the Bonus Tracker:  Employees track their own performance

Editable examples of the Bonus Tracker

Today's price: just $37


With my Employee Empowered Pay for Performance Workshop, you are 2 hours away from…


A Bonus Tracker so that your employees track their own progress.


Shifting the accountability from management to the employees.


Taking the subjectivity out of employee performance decisions.


Real questions from other owners and managers


Still not sure? I promise.  There's no way you don't get a huge ROI from this workshop.  Saving ONE employee is worth thousands of $$$

Money-back guarantee